Together Let us turn the tide of our History



Hundreds of supporters and members of the United National People’s Party (UNPP) on Saturday, 15th April, 2017 assembled at the Kissy Ferry terminal to welcome home their leader, Christo Palmer "De Serving Man" from the Diaspora.


Fellow Sierra Leonean our beloved country Sierra Leone that we so dearly love and proud of is not as it was and what it is supposed to be. There is no corner of our beloved country not in it length and breath where we shield our eyes and look away because we there not contemplate what we see. Fellow Sierra Leonean we cannot continue living like this, it is unacceptable, irrespective of what tribe you belong to, or what party you belong to, we are all in this together. We have to turn the tide of history for our beloved country. Fellow Sierra Leonean for fifty three years our beloved country had been misrule and mismanage. Come 2017 let send these organizations that had misrule and mismanage our country a strong message that it is not business as usual, enough is enough. Let elect an organization with new patriotic politician that love, care and will govern in the interest of our beloved country. An organization that is capable of turning the tide of history for our beloved country. Fellow Sierra Leonean the problem is not with the individuals of these organization, the problem is with the way these organizations operate, even if you are a part of these organizations and you want to do what right in the interest of the country, the culture of these organizations, the way they are structure would not allow you to, you have to toe the party line of Party first-Party interest, if not you are toss out or frustrated until you toss yourself out.. Fellow comrades you have been witness to these behaviors for years, stop settling with the attitude of what can we do (“way for do”) you can do something big, be a part in making history by supporting and electing the UNPP, that still have the capability and discipline as in 1996 when the UNPP won the election that was stolen from us. We did not contest the result because of the circumstances at that time. “We put country first” (Reason: The nation was trying to move from military rule, delay in court proceeding would   have jeopardize the process) Because of our patriotic action our country was able to return to a peaceful civilian rule The UNPP was the only opposition in parliament with 17 seats. Fellow patriot let make history together, every generation has a historic responsibility. The generation before ours worked hard for our country to be free. The task before our own generation is for us to build on the achievement of our heroes past, and bequeath an ending legacy for future generation. The UNPP believes that the course of history has place on all true patriots the enormous task of building a better Sierra Leone.Fellow patriot be a part of this movement with your moral, financial and intellectual support together can provide proper education for our children, save our people from dieing from cholera and many more water born diseases by providing sustainable and affordable safe drinking water for our people, together let save our people from dieing from the fume of kerosene lamp that causes cancer by providing sustainable and affordable renewable electricity for our people, together let create the system that will usher in development and self  reliance, together let create a system that would allow families to be able to afford three square meals a day, together let create a system with checks and balance in place that will eradicate corruption and abuse, together let create the system that will stop the exploitation of our natural resources and create a system that our natural resources can benefit us as a nation,      

As Leader of the United National Peoples Party I promise if you support us in rebuilding this organization and elect us come 2018 to make the changes our country desperately need I would make sure we employ the right professionals to do their correct duties according to their specialty irrespective of tribe or party affiliation. "No round pegs in square holes", "prosecute corrupt and abusive official in both public and private sector". May God Almighty Bless and grant us unity, strength, wisdom and patience as we work together as one for the benefit of our beloved country Sierra Leone..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Christo Sheffu Choe Palmer











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